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An approach is presented to optimize a tube hydroforming process using a genetic algorithm ga search method. Tube hydroforming often produces stronger structural components than can be achieved with more conventional methods. For this reason, the tube hydroforming technology will be first analyzed as a system, i. Conclusions compared with conventional metal forming technologies, hydroforming is still quite new and only one broad application background has been explored, although it has been in process of development for many years, especially sheet hydroforming and tube hydroforming using liquid as the forming media. However, with recent advancements in computer controls and highpressure hydraulic systems, the process has become a viable method for mass production, especially with the use of internal pressures of up to 6,000 pounds per square inch psi. This paper provides an example of the fluid p ressure. At the ends of the tube 2 cylinders are placed that can apply axial feeding. Finally, hydroforming tools are easily mounted and aligned, making setups fast and efficient. Fundamentals of hydroforming provides an introduction to tube and sheet hydroforming. By this process, tubes are formed into different shapes using internal pressure and axial compressive loads simultaneously to force a tubular blank to conform to. Tubular hydroforming is gaining popularity in several markets for its track record of producing better quality components at a lower cost. Animated view of aminos sheet hydroforming process. Tube hydroforming tube hydroforming is used in the production of various tubular parts, which are highly resistant and light. Simulating rotary draw bending and tube hydroforming.

Developments in sheet hydroforming for complex industrial parts. In this respect, necessity for the procedure improvement of flu id forming is constant. Hydroforming allows precision tolerances without springback, allowing the production of net shape or highly accurate parts. Tube hydroforming is one of the most popular unconventional metal forming processes which is widely used to form various tubular components. In most applications, only one form tool is needed which pushes a piece of sheet metal into a pressurized rubber bladder. Hydroforming process, sheet hydroforming, shell hydroforming, tube hydroforming. There are numerous applications for customers in both the automotive and the nonautomotive sectors. One of the reasons of its improvement is the procedure performance in optimal conditions. Each of these components plays an important role in the success of the process and they have to be addressed during the process development stage. The book also explains how to hydropiece holes and slots, how to select tha materials and tubes, pre and postoperations, various methods of assembly, the. Mar 07, 2015 hydroforming seminar and ppt with pdf report.

The result is costeffective production of everything from prototypes to large production runs. For 304 stainless steel, during the forming deformation, the induced martensitic transformation takes place at the deformed area in an anisotropic way, leading to the development of texture and working hardening. We excel at condensing multiple parts into single, lightweight hydroformed parts. Internal highpressure forming hydroforming is a methodology for the manufacture of hollow metal components a process that has grown enormously since the mid1990s. Tube hydroforming process tube hydroforming thf is a process of forming hollow parts with different cross sections. The hydroforming process also produces considerably less waste than most forming processes. Presently, the hydroforming process is widely applied to various fields, such as home appliance. These are briefly stated in the following sections. The simulation is a very important method to help to develop this process.

Hydroforming is particularly interesting for the automotive industry as it offers important advantages from various perspectives. In tube hydroforming thf there are two major practices. Bladder hydroforming and tubular hydroforming by ultimate. Under the right circumstances, hydroforming can be a viable, costeffective manufacturing process. By this process, tubes are formed into different shapes using internal pressure and axial compressive loads simultaneously to. The stress state at a given time and location varies with the process history and the. This article explains tube hydroforming, describes its evolution, and discusses the factors that should be considered when deciding whether to use the process. The principal of tube hydroforming is given in figure 1. How are steel pipes produced steel pipe manufacturing process at the factory duration. Hydroforming is a unique process that offers many benefits over traditional sheet metal forming and fabrication. The development of this process for automotive industries is relative new and many process variableshave been studied, like. Mar 05, 2001 tube hydroforming has been wellknown since the 1950s. A process process a, figure 4 was developed specifically for larger structural parts and was the real beginning of using hydroforming for this purpose. Our 800 ton hydroforming press is capable of forming parts at pressures up to 60,000 psi, allowing us to process a wide range of tubing sizes and shapes.

Compared with stampings and castings, hydroformed tubular sections provide further mass savings for structural components. Jul 19, 2014 you will be shocked when you find out what this machine does. The goal of the study is to maximize formability by identifying the optimal internal. Based on the test methods of free bulging and elliptical bulging, hydroforming limit tests of the laser welded tube and the electric resistance welded. Coordination of the internal pressurization and axial feeding curves is critical in the tube hydroforming process to generate successful parts without fracture or wrinkling failure. Micro tube hydroforming device based on scaled down conventional hydroforming tooling. Pdf parameter optimization of tube hydroforming semantic. Hydroforming is a costeffective way of shaping tensile metals such as aluminum, brass, low alloy set els, unstained steel into lightweight, structurally stiff and strong pieces. The first industrial applications for this process, namely the production of tshaped joints, were published in papers in the 1960s.

A prebended tube is placed in a tool set in a press which applies the closing force. Tube hydroforming is mostly applied in automotive industry. Theoretical and experimental study on formability of laser. Designing a tube hydroforming thf process means selecting and taking into account several different elements of the technology see figure 1. By this process, tubes are formed into different shapes. This paper mainly focuses on the study of evaluation of laser seamed tube hydroformability. Figure 1 schematic of tube hydroforming shows a schematic of the hydroforming process. The tube hydroforming process thf is a relatively complex manufacturing process. Largest tube hydroforming process machine is capable of 1,000 tons. Building a large post frame garage full timelapse construction. It covers the fundamentals of both tube hydroforming the most common and sheet metal hydroforming, with guidelines for product design, funamentals selection, and computer simulation of the process and tool design. Bladder hydroforming is very similar to stamping, except that a rubber diaphragm backed by 18,000 psi of oil acts as the mating half to the punch. Hydroforming techniques seminar report, ppt, pdf for mechanical.

Hydroforming seminar ppt with pdf report study mafia. One of the advantages of hydroforming sheet metal, in either of the process described above, is the final pieces will be have a better surface finish and uniform appearance and accuracy. Hydroforming is a fluid based manufacturing method. Please follow the detailed help center instructions to transfer the files to supported ereaders.

A tube is insert into a tooling cavity, filled with a fluid and is expanded with very high pressure into the tool. Types of hydroforming process hydroforming process is divided into two main groups. Most of our machines have a maximum capacity of 30,000 psi. Development costs prototyping is often a necessary step in the manufacturing process. The process parameters have the direct in fluence on quality and optimal of forming procedure. Changes in material type or wall thickness specifications can typically be accommodated with hydroforming without creating a need for new tooling. The thf process uses highpressure fluid in place of a hard tool to carry out the plastic deformation of the figure 2. It describes the advantages of its use and how to design products for the hydroforming process. Tube hydroforming is a metal forming process which uses pressurized. Pdf optimization of a tube hydroforming process ranny. Tube hydroforming thf has been called with many other names depending on the time and country it was used and investigated. The tube hydroforming process has gained increasing attention in recent years. Pdf optimization of a tube hydroforming process ron. Reliability analysis of the corner filling test in the tube hydroforming process 111 chen yang, yushen hu, lixia fan and wenxiu xin study on the loadcarrying capability of the tubular part hydroformed through the.

This page contains hydroforming seminar and ppt with pdf report. Tubular hydroforming tube hydroforming mills products. Jul 16, 2014 as an effective method to evaluate the tube hydroformability, forming limit curve flc has been widely applied on the hydroforming process design. Hydroforming process for an ultrasmall bending radius elbow. Nov 06, 2011 animated view of aminos sheet hydroforming process. You will be shocked when you find out what this machine does. This course provides an introduction to rapid part modification, tooling and process design for tube forming parts followed by simulation of bending, forming and hydroforming processes using autoform tubexpert.

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