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The curing agent for an epoxy resin according to claim 1, wherein the styrenated phenol comprises at least 50 wt % of monostyrenated phenol msp with n1. An msds also provides important regulatory and emergency response information for the purchased product. This msds has been prepared according to the hazard criteria of the controlled products regulations cpr and the msds contains all of the information required by the cpr. Show this safety data sheet to the doctor in attendance. Cas 61788441 phenol, styrenated styrenated phenol msds toxicity property. Styrenated phenol is made up of three main components mono, di and tristyrenated phenol.

Material safety data sheet styrenated phenol ethoxylate. Western reserve chemical offers both di and tri styrenated phenols. Msds phenol, styrenated cas 61788441 msds styrenated phenol. Styrenated phenol catalog of chemical suppliers, buyers, custom synthesis companies and equipment manufacturers phenol, styrenated 61788441 chemical identification rtecs number. Un3082, environmentally hazardous substance, liquid,nos ethoxylate styrenated phenol, 9, pgiii. Styrenated phenol and ethylene oxide are varied in their molar ratio to give a range of an hwx series adducts with different hlb values. Extreme high moderate low prostheses such as false teeth, which may block airway, should be removed, where possible, prior to initiating first aid procedures. Reaction products of hexane1,6diol with 2chloromethyloxirane 1. Its our job to make sure that air, land and water are looked after by everyone in todays society, so that tomorrows generations inherit a cleaner, healthier world. Recommended use of the chemical and restrictions on use. Styrenated phenol westco sp120 is a pale yellow to amber liquid rubber. It is a viscous liquid and is supplied in 3 grades mono, di or tri styrenated phenol, although wrchem only offers di and tri. Ethoxylated styrenated phenol chemical information, properties, structures, articles, patents and more chemical data. Styrene and phenol are reacted in a controlled way to prepare styrenated phenol.

Styrenated phenol the environment agency is the leading public body protecting and improving the environment in england and wales. Styrenated phenol sp is a clear, yellow, nonstaining and nondiscoloring antioxidant for dry rubber and latex compounds. Alkyl phenol ethoxylates product name chemical description ethylene oxide aspect 20c cloud point method hlb active content surfaline np4 nonyl phenol ethoxylates 4 liquid 5357 c g 8. You have clicked a page that seems to be very popular. A wide variety of styrene phenol options are available to you, there are 217 suppliers who sells styrene phenol on, mainly located in asia. Phenol exposure kits can be obtained through environmental health and safety for labs that use phenol.

Wetting properties under testing parameters of astm d2281, skein test, the following phosphate esters all produced wetting times of under 4 minutes. Unsuitable extinguishing mediano information available flash point 99 c 210. Identification of the substancemixture and of the companyundertaking. Styrenated phenol pbtvpvb evaluation 1 identification of pbt and vpvb substance results of evaluation of pbt vpvb properties this dossier covers two substances manufactured and supplied as detailed below. Wash with soap and water rinse immediately with plenty of water. Prefere 14b001, liquid phenol formaldehyde resin chemical name. Styrenated phenol c10h10o cid 18541843 structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classification, patents, literature, biological activities. Styrenated phenol is a clear, yellow, viscous liquid and is supplied in the mixture of 3 grades mono, di or tri styrenated phenol. Justification for the selection of a candidate corap substance. Solid phenolic compact material safety data sheet section 7 handling and storage section 8 exposure controls personal protection handling precautions. To prepare phenolate anionbased branchedcrosslinked anion exchange membranes aems. Safety data sheet creation date 22sep2009 revision date 18jan2018 revision number 4 1.

The relative amounts of each component differ depending on the use of the substance. Uses advised against not for food, drug, pesticide or biocidal product use details of the supplier of the safety. Msds phenol, styrenated cas 61788441 msds styrenated. Westco sp120 has fda approval for use in rubber articles intended for repeated or continuous food contacts. Acrylics are valued for outstanding properties in areas which include clarity, chemical and physical resistance. Phenol does not bioconcentrate in aquatic organisms. Styrenated phenol chemical properties,uses,production uses msp is a styrenated phenol with a high mono ratio of 75% uses tristyrylphenol offers multifunctional applications depending on the monopara ratio styrenated phenol preparation products and raw materials raw materials preparation products.

The commercial products styrenated phenol and tristyrylphenol consist of a mixture. Reaction products of di, tri and tetrapropoxylated propane. In the atmosphere, phenol occurs as a vapor and reacts with photochemicallyproduced hydroxyl radicals. Search our entire database of products by chemistry or product name. The result showed that the yield of styrenated phenol was over 95%in the presence of ptoluenesulfonic acid as catalyst at 120. Styrenated phenol supplier western reserve chemical. B404500 casno 126738 synonyms tbp recommended use laboratory chemicals.

Identification product name tributyl phosphate cat no. The product range in this hwx series is wide as the two basic constituents viz. It includes a bucket with neoprene gloves in medium and large sizes small upon request, decontamination instructions, 1 liter of poly ethylene glycol 400 mw solution, paper towels, bags for. A curing agent for an epoxy resin, comprising styrenated phenol represented by chemical formula 1.

Economic cooperation and development chemical data sheets are not. The top countries of suppliers are india, china, and india, from which the percentage of styrene phenol supply is 2%, 94%, and 2% respectively. Sigmaaldrich material safety data sheet date printed. Identification product identifier makon tsp16 other means of identification product code 6484 recommended use surfactant recommended restrictions for industrial use only. Phenolphthalein, acs safety data sheet according to federal register vol. If phenol is released to soil, it will readily leach and biodegrade. Reaction products of hexane1,6diol with 2 chloromethyloxirane 1. Styrenated phenol 61788441 sds report, styrenated phenol sds safety technical specifications search, styrenated phenol safety information specifications ect. Styrenated phenol pbtvpvb evaluation 7 components of styrenated phenol have been estimated using the epiwin v3. Synthetic alcohol isotridecyl alcohol ethylene oxide condensates.

Firefighting measures suitable extinguishing mediawater spray, carbon dioxide co2, dry chemical, alcoholresistant foam. Msp is a styrenated phenol with a high mono ratio of. Material safety data sheets msds are available for products supplied by ineos phenol. Phenol, 2,4,6 tris 1phenylethyl, tristyrenated phenol. Styrenated phenol styrenated phenol ethylene oxide condensates. Styrenated phenol as antioxidant for rubber was prepared by reaction of styrene with phenol. Identification product identifier makon tsp16 other means of identification product code 6484 recommended use surfactant.

The present invention relates to a method for preparing styrenated phenol, which comprises using different catalysts at the beginning and at the end of the reaction during the production of styrenated phenol by alkylation of phenol and styrene. Justification for the selection of a candidate corap substance substance name public name. These forms occur separately or as a mixture, which can. Acrylic resins are widely used in the wood coating sector being suitable for the preparation of a number of coatings type involving different technologies solvent, water, radcure and powder. Msds, as there is important information throughout the document. Technical product sheets and sds sheets are available for each of the.

In the synthesis of watersoluble metal phthalocyanines bearing twelve dimethylamino groups. An msds describes the hazards of a product and provides information on how it can be safely handled, used, transported, and stored. It is a stabilizerfor dry rubber and latex compounds such as sbr, br, nbr, epdm, cr. In its chemical structure, a molecule of cresol has a methyl group substituted onto the ring of phenol. Chemicalbook provide chemical industry users with styrenated phenol boiling point melting point,styrenated phenol density msds formula use,if you also need. Other federal regulations clean air act caa section 112 hazardous air pollutants haps list. Alibaba manufacturer directory suppliers, manufacturers. State regulations california proposition 65 this product does not contain any proposition 65 chemicals. Material safety data sheet 2,4,6 trisdimethylaminomethylphenol sc238369 hazard alert code key. Kr20110070081a a process for preparing styrenated phenol. The effects of reaction conditions such as dosage of catalyst,molar ratio of raw materials and reaction temperature on the alkylation were investigated. As a curing agent in the production of epoxy membranes. Tris hydroxymethylaminomethane hydrochloride revision date 23dec2019 symptoms effects,both acute and delayed no information available endocrine disruptor informationno information available other adverse effects the toxicological properties have not been fully investigated.

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